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What is Nuance Developers?

Nuance Developers has been created to provide mobile application developers of consumer apps the opportunity to integrate their innovative apps with Nuance's renowned and proven Dragon Mobile speech platform used by millions around the world today. Registration to the program is free - so don't wait and start speech-enabling app your today!

What types of developers are using Nuance Developers?

Developers of consumer apps - big and small. Be it leading-edge integration, platform, OEM partners, or developers creating applications and solutions for mobile and consumer electronic devices - all mobile app developers will greatly benefit from participation. Further, Nuance Developers establishes a distribution channel which accelerates revenue opportunities and reduces investment costs for developers seeking to integrate Nuance speech and text solutions with their applications.

What industries can benefit from Nuance Developers?

We currently offer speech language models that support the most common applications. If you are developing applications for the desktop, imaging, enterprise, healthcare, or automotive markets, please contact a member of our sales team.

What types of applications work well for speech?

Virtually any mobile application is a great candidate for speech integration. Please note, our speech platforms are tuned for conversational dialogue. If you require a very specific vocabulary (highly scientific, etc.), or if you will be executing single-word queries or numbers, please contact our sales team to discuss recommended options available through our professional services team.

How do I become a Nuance Developers member?

Becoming a member is easy! Simply follow this link to register for free! If you are a healthcare developer, follow this link and register for free with our HIPAA-compliant healthcare developer program.

Although you can use Nuance Developers for development and evaluation purposes we are currently not issuing new self-serve production application credentials. We will be providing additional information soon. Existing customers will still be able to go to production with production credentials they have already created upon completing the go-to-production process and App review and Nuance is still offering cloud speech services to new managed customers.

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Our developer forums are a great way to access the entire Nuance Developer community to get answers to questions not addressed in our portal, SDKs and FAQs. Join the community, find what you are looking for, and share your expertise.

What if I Need Something Different?

Who do I contact if I have a desktop, automotive, imaging, enterprise customer service/CRM or healthcare app that I'd like to speech-enable?

For desktop, automotive or imaging apps:

These applications have unique requirements typically not supported by Nuance Developers. Please contact our sales team and we will have a team member for your area of interest contact you. Dragon Naturally Speaking SDK customers and developers should click here for the Corporate support site for Dragon Naturally Speaking SDKs.

For enterprise apps:

Enterprise applications which provide customer service, CRM, workforce automation or government-to-citizen functionality typically have their own set of unique needs, and may require features and functionality outside of what Nuance Developers can provide. These types of applications may not be developed using Nuance Developers without a contract between Nuance and the application developer. If you are an Enterprise developer or are developing applications for sale to Enterprise customers, please contact our sales team and we will have a team review your requirements and options.

For healthcare apps:

Healthcare applications typically have their own set of unique needs, and thus require feature and functionality specifications outside of what Nuance Developers can provide. If you are a healthcare developer, follow this link and register for free with our HIPAA-compliant healthcare developer program.

Additional Support

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding issues such as billing, business opportunities, credentials, registration, the app approval process and so forth, please fill out our customer support form.