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Platform SDK Dev Guides API References Sample App
2.2.3 2.2.3 2.2.3 2.2.3 (Objective C)
2.2.4 2.2.4 2.2.4 2.2.4
1.1.12 1.1.12
1.6.0 1.6.0
Release Notes
Previous Version
1 Please note that the HTTP interface is not for use with Mix.nlu.
2 Please note that the WebSockets interface is only for use by Mix.nlu customers.

Additional Resources

Cross-Platform Dev Guides

Guides that apply across platforms and operating systems

Application Vocabularies Guide - How to customize speech recognition results for your specific application.

Audio Input Specification- Requirements and best practices for the audio input path when using interfaces such as HTTP and WebSockets where you are responsible for capturing and sending audio to our servers.

TTS Control Sequences - Proprietary control sequences which may be used in addition to SSML for enhanced TTS control. These control sequences are for use with SpeechKits and the HTTP interface (Note: SSML is not supported with the HTTP Interface v1.0.)


Essential information required to prepare for launch

Supported languages and voices

Launch Process- What to do when you want to go to market - Creating a production AppID and the steps to launch.

Development Agreement - Current click-through to become a Silver or Gold developer

Standard Production Agreement - For production use of speech transactions

Nuance Developers Policies


For additional resources (tools, reference implementations, etc.)

PhoneGap reference implementation

HTTP Python command line interface

Github Website