Program Policies

Interface Support

SpeechKits, the HTTP interface and any other Nuance Developers Silver or Gold client interface will be supported for six months after the public release of any new minor or major version release (with versions that follow the convention major.minor.patch.)

Use of Brand and Trademarks

Any time you refer to Nuance or Nuance Developers in external promotional material press releases, your website, blog posts, collateral, social media, etc. we need to approve such use in advance. Please submit a request via our customer support form to do so.

Definition of an Application

An application may be considered the same and thus share a production Application ID despite differences in localization and deployment across different platforms.

Differences in business model or applications with non-trivial UI or functionality changes are different and therefore must use a separate application-ID.

App-ID Use

Your Production Application-ID is unique to the application that we have reviewed and Approved. It may not be transferred to another Application.

Acceptable Use-Cases

Use of Nuance Developers for server to server integrations or use where the end-user is not on a mobile device (phone or tablet) requires an Emerald Service Tier engagement.

Use by Competitors

Nuance Developers may not be used in development or production if you are involved in the research or development of: (1) speech recognition software, (2) voice authentication software, (3) text-to-speech software, (4) text input software, or (5) paper-to-digital imaging solutions.

Use in the development of Enterprise Applications

Nuance Developers may be used in development of Enterprise service applications only with a custom contract. If you are developing an application that provides customer service, CRM, Workforce Management or Government-to-Citizen services you will need a contract with Nuance. Please contact sales to review our options.

Sublicensing - Channel Partners and API Exposure

Nuance Developers services may not be sublicensed. The program services are only for use with YOUR applications that you develop and distribute to end-users directly or through a reseller (e.g., an App Store). If you are making an application for someone else, whether for demonstration, trial, or production you will need to become a channel partner. Please contact sales.

Nuance Developers services are only for YOUR application. You may not make an API available that gives others the ability to use those services. To do this you should contact sales.

TTS Pricing & Usage

TTS pricing is for TTS transactions that are generated from our servers to a unique device. Once TTS audio is received by a device it may be reused for that device only. Other use cases e.g., where content is first sent to a server and then distributed to multiple devices or where TTS files are embedded in an application are not covered in our agreements. Please contact us for separate pricing.