Silver Service Level

Silver Service Members

Silver service members get full access to Dragon Mobile SDKs, training materials, and support forums all designed to facilitate Nuance speech and text solution integration with your applications - for free!


Silver service members have access to:

  • ASR (automated speech recognition) in 38 languages
  • Network TTS (text-to-speech) in 40+ languages and 61+ voices
  • Support for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7.5 & 8 platforms
  • HTTP for evaluation and development
  • SSL encryption for secure data transmission
  • Custom Vocabularies up to 200 phrases for customizing ASR results

Development Stage

In the development stage, Silver service members have access to all of our SDKs across platforms and up to 5000 free speech transactions per day (maximum of two simultaneous speech transactions supported). Developers may also purchase 90 days of technical support for $399 (up to 5 support tickets).

Production Stage

In the production stage, silver service members receive up to 1 million free speech transactions per month per application, after which the cost per transaction is $0.008.

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