Gold Service Level

Gold Service Members

If you desire additional functionality and increased support for your application, then the Gold service tier may be for you. You'll have access to all features available in the Silver tier plus additional capabilities to give your app an edge.

Advantages of Gold

Upgrading to Gold gives you immediate access to:

  • Custom Vocabularies up to 1000 phrases for customizing ASR results
  • HTTP use in production stage
  • SLA and production stage support
  • HTTP for evaluation and development
  • More flexible attribution

Development Stage

In the development stage, Gold service members have access to all of our SDKs across platforms and up to 5000 speech transactions per day (maximum of two simultaneous speech transactions supported). Developers may also purchase 90 days of 1x1 technical support for $399.

Production Stage

In the production stage, Gold service members are no longer limited to two simultaneous speech transactions, and will prepay for speech transactions at a rate of $0.008 per transaction for each application deployed with us.

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