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Build your next big idea with cutting-edge voice technology and be confident that you’re working with the best.

Advanced Speech Recognition

Quickly integrate and deploy Nuance's highly-accurate, data-rich speech models. Enable faster interactions, design for compelling use cases, and increase application engagement on any device.

Natural Text-to-Speech Voices

Encourage interactivity and engage in a more natural conversation with your users. Choose from an incomparable voice portfolio with over 80 distinct voices and 40+ languages.

Freedom to Customize

Extend our speech models with your unique vocabulary, set recognition preferences, modify your application grammar, and more. Your application is unique, and we'll help you show it off.

Deliver Across Platforms

Our iOS, Android, Windows SDKs, and HTTP interfaces are flexible and easy-to-use so you can get up and running quickly.

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Reach A Global Audience

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  • 40+

    Speech-to-Text Languages

  • 45+

    Text-to-Speech Languages

  • 80+

    Unique Voices

Building Your Experience

Find the tools and resources you need to build exciting applications with advanced voice technology.


View guides, API references, and sample apps to help you get started.


See answers to common questions, or connect with Nuance support teams for technical advice and guidance.


Post questions and share knowledge with a community of fellow developers and Nuance engineers on our forums.


Get HTTP REST samples and our PhoneGap reference implementation.

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