See how these companies used the powerful Dragon Mobile SDK to integrate speech into their apps!

  • Dolphin Sonar

    Dolphin brings you the world's first Gesture and voice enabled mobile browser. Use Gesture to open your favorite websites with just one stroke. Tell Dolphin to search and navigate with Dolphin Sonar. Fast and playful, you can train your Dolphin to adapt to the way you want to browse.

    "With Nuance's unrivaled voice recognition technology and our dedication to providing the best user experience, Dolphin Sonar will once again redefine the way people interact with their phones."

    - Yongzhi Yang, CEO, MoboTap

  • OnStar RemoteLink App

    With voice capabilities from Nuance, RemoteLink consumers are able to take advantage of RemoteLink's new navigation features by simply speaking a destination.

    "The new enhanced navigation services we are adding to the RemoteLink mobile app help to ensure that our subscribers are able to get directions and destination information no matter where they are. And by integrating voice recognition and search capabilities, users can quickly and easily speak an address or destination, get results, send them to OnStar - and be on their way."

    - Steve Schwinke, director of Advanced System Design, OnStar

  • Bon'App

    Bon'App serves as a "nutritionist in your pocket", drawing on the expertise of medical professionals, registered dietitians, and nutritionists to provide individualized suggestions that help consumers eat more healthfully. Searching for healthy dining options is even easier with Bon'App's voice search capabilities powered by Dragon.

    "By integrating Nuance's voice capabilities, we're able to enhance Bon'App's user experience so that our consumers can simply speak the name of a food or ingredient, like chocolate or cheese, to find what they are craving."

    - Laurent Adamowicz, president and CEO, Bon'App


    Featuring the powerful Dragon voice technology, Ask for iPhone creates a simple and intuitive Q&A experience for users, allowing them to quickly and easily speak questions, and then receive answers from on-the-go right from their mobile devices.

    "The voice-to-text feature really resonates with users, and makes the whole question asking experience on a mobile device easier than ever."

    - Tony Gentile, senior vice president, products, US

  • Walmart

    Shopping smart is easy with the Walmart app for iPhone, enabling users to find great products at unbeatable prices whether at-home or on-the-go. And with the new Smart Shopping List boasting Dragon-powered speech capabilities, shopping smart is now quicker than ever too!